VOLUME 24 2019 NUMBERS 2–4

Essays on the Černý Conjecture

Mikhail V. Volkov:
Ján Černý:
A Note on Homogeneous Experiments with Finite Automata123–132
Peter H. Starke:
A Remark About Homogeneous Experiments133–137
Pavel Ageev:
Implementation of the Algorithm for Testing an Automaton for Synchronization in Linear Expected Time139–152
Dmitry Ananichev, Vojtěch Vorel:
A new Lower Bound for Reset Threshold of Binary Synchronizing Automata with Sink153–164
Arturo Carpi, Flavio D'Alessandro:
Locally Strongly Transitive Automata in the Černý Conjecture and Related Problems165–184
Costanza Catalano, Raphaël M. Jungers:
On Random Primitive Sets, Directable NFAs and the Generation of Slowly Synchronizing DFAs185–217
Dmitry Chistikov, Pavel Martyugin, Mahsa Shirmohammadi:
Synchronizing Automata over Nested Words219–251
Henk Don, Hans Zantema:
Counting Symbol Switches in Synchronizing Automata253–286
Henning Fernau, Stefan Hoffmann:
Extensions to Minimal Synchronizing Words287–307
Achille Frigeri, Emanuele Rodaro:
Missing Factors of Ideals and Synchronizing Automata309–320
François Gonze, Raphaël M. Jungers:
Hardly Reachable Subsets and Completely Reachable Automata with 1-Deficient Words321–342
Cyril Nicaud:
The Černý Conjecture Holds with High Probability343–365
Yaroslav Shitov:
An Improvement to a Recent Upper Bound for Synchronizing Words of Finite Automata367–373
Mikhail V. Volkov:
Slowly Synchronizing Automata with Idempotent Letters of Low Rank375–386