VOLUME 26 2021 NUMBERS 1–2

Special Issues Dedicated to Masami Ito and Pál Dömösi

Szilárd Fazekas:
Chiara Bindi, Marco Pellegrini, Giuseppe Pirillo:
Some Results about Maximal Primitive Sets7–15
Sabine Broda, Eva Maia, Nelma Moreira, Rogério Reis:
The Prefix Automaton17–53
Carolin Hannusch, Géza Horváth:
Properties of Hash Functions based on Gluškov Product of Automata55–65
Olga Karpova, Arseny M. Shur:
Words Separation and Positive Identities in Symmetric Groups67–89
Peter Leupold:
On the Unavoidability of Primitive Words and other Languages91–107
Victor Mitrana, Andrei Păun, Mihaela Păun, José Ángel Sánchez Martín:
Non-preserving Accepting Splicing Systems109–124
Kenichi Morita:
Constructing Reversible Turing Machines in a Reversible and Conservative Elementary Triangular Cellular Automaton125–144
František Mráz, Friedrich Otto, Dana Pardubská, Martin Plátek:
Lexicalized Syntactic Analysis by Two-Way Restarting Automata145–171