VOLUME 22 2017 NUMBERS 1–3

Special Issues with Selected and Extended Papers of the 18th Conference on Descriptional Complexity of Formal Systems (DCFS 2016)

Cezar Câmpeanu, Florin Manea, Giovanni Pighizzini, Jeffrey O. Shallit:
Rafaela Bastos, Sabine Broda, António Machiavelo, Nelma Moreira, Rogério Reis:
On the Average Complexity of Partial Derivative Automata for Semi-extended Expressions5–28
Janusz A. Brzozowski, Corwin Sinnamon:
Unrestricted State Complexity of Binary Operations on Regular and Ideal Languages29–59
Henning Fernau, Lakshmanan Kuppusamy, Indhumathi Raman:
On the Generative Power of Graph-Controlled Insertion-Deletion Systems with Small Sizes61–92
Andrea Herrmann, Martin Kutrib, Andreas Malcher, Matthias Wendlandt:
Descriptional Complexity of Bounded Regular Languages93–121
Galina Jirásková, Alexander Szabari, Juraj Šebej:
The Complexity of Languages Resulting from the Concatenation Operation123–143
Giovanna Janet Lavado, Giovanni Pighizzini, Luca Prigioniero:
Minimal and Reduced Reversible Automata145–168
Timothy Ng, David Rappaport, Kai Salomaa:
State Complexity of Prefix Distance of Subregular Languages169–188
Vojtěch Vorel:
Two Results on Discontinuous Input Processing189–203