VOLUME 19 2014 NUMBERS 1–4

Special Issues Dedicated to Erzsébet Csuhaj-Varjú on the Occasion of Her Birthday

Jürgen Dassow, Jozef Kelemen, Gheorghe Păun:
Artiom Alhazov, Gemma Bel-Enguix, Yurii Rogozhin:
Smallest Filters in Complete Obligatory Hybrid Networks of Evolutionary Processors5–15
Maurice H. ter Beek, Jetty Kleijn:
On Distributed Cooperation and Synchronised Collaboration17–32
Henning Bordihn, Martin Kutrib, Matthias Wendlandt:
Nonterminal Controlled String Assembling Systems33–44
Gabriel Ciobanu, G. Michele Pinna, Dragoş Sburlan:
Power of Causal Dependencies in Rule Based Systems45–56
Zoltán Ésik, Tamás Hajgató:
On the Structure of Free Iteration Semirings57–66
Rudolf Freund, Marion Oswald:
Array Grammars and Automata on Caylex Grids67–80
Zsolt Gazdag:
Remarks on Some Simple Variants of Random Context Grammars81–92
Sandra Gómez Canaval, Victor Mitrana, Santiago Alonso Villaverde:
Transducers Based on Networks of Evolutionary Processors93–105
Markus Holzer, Martin Kutrib:
Self-Assembling Pushdown Automata107–118
Oscar H. Ibarra, Nicholas Q. Tran:
Weak Synchronization and Synchronizability of Multi-Tape Pushdown Automata and Turing Machines119–132
Sergiu Ivanov, Yurii Rogozhin, Sergey Verlan:
Small Universal Networks of Evolutionary Processors133–144
Kristóf Kántor, György Vaszil:
Generalized P Colony Automata145–156
Lila Kari, Manasi Kulkarni:
Generating the Pseudo-Powers of a Word157–171
Alberto Leporati, Giancarlo Mauri, Antonio E. Porreca, Claudio Zandron:
A Gap in the Space Hiearchy of P Systems With Active Membranes173–184
Luis F. Macías-Ramos, Miguel A. Martínez-del-Amor, Mario J. Pérez-Jiménez, Augustin Riscos-Núñez, Luis Valencia-Cabrera:
The Role of the Direction in Tissue P Systems with Cell Separation185–199
Maurice Margenstern:
Pentagrid and Heptagrid: the Fibonacci Technique and Group Theory201–212
Venkata Padmavati Metta, Alica Kelemenová:
Smaller Universal Spiking Neural P Systems with Anti-Spikes213–226
Tamás Mihálydeák, Zoltán Ernö Csajbók:
On the Membrane Computations in the Presence of Membrane Boundaries227–238
Ionuţ Mihai Niculescu, Marian Gheorghe, Florentin Ipate, Alin Ştefănescu:
Form Kernel P Systems to X-Machines and Flame239–250
Alexandros Palioudakis, Kai Salomaa, Selim G. Akl:
Lower Bound For Converting an NFA With Finite Nondeterminism Into an MDFA251–264
Ion Petre, Vladimir Rogojin:
Dependency Relations Between Elementary Intramolecular Operations in Gene Assembly in Ciliates265–277
Arto Salomaa:
Compositions of Reaction Systems279–290
Petr Sosík:
PSPACE Limits the Power of Uniform Families of P Systems With Active Membranes291–304