VOLUME 15 2010 NUMBERS 1–2

Selected Papers of the 11th Workshop on Descriptional Complexity of Formal Systems (DCFS 2009)

Jürgen Dassow, Giovanni Pighizzini, Bianca Truthe:
Marco Almeida, Nelma Moreira, Rogério Reis:
Testing the Equivalence of Regular Languages7–25
Pierre-Yves Angrand, Sylvain Lombardy, Jacques Sakarovitch:
On the Number of Broken Derived Terms of a Rational Expression27–51
Franziska Biegler, Mark Daley, Ian McQuillan:
On the Shuffle Automaton Size for Words53–70
Janusz Brzozowski:
Quotient Complexity of Regular Languages71–89
Erzsébet Csuhaj-Varjú, György Vaszil:
On the Descriptional Complexity of Context-Free Non-Returning PC Grammar Systems91–105
Hermann Gruber, Markus Holzer, Martin Kutrib:
On Measuring Non-Recursive Trade-Offs107–120
Galina Jirasková, Alexander Okhotin:
Nondeterministic State Complexity of Positional Addition121–133
Martin Kutrib, Andreas Malcher:
One-Way Cellular Automata, Bounded Languages, and Minimal Communication135–153
Remco Loos, Florin Manea, Victor Mitrana:
Small Universal Accepting Networks of Evolutionary Processors with Filtered Connections155–174
Ralf Stiebe, Sherzod Turaev:
Capacity-Bounded Grammars175–194