VOLUME 14 2009 NUMBERS 3–4

Mari Huova:
A Note on Defect Theorems for 2-Dimensional Words and Trees203–209
Nutan Limaye, Meena Mahajan, Antoine Meyer:
On the Complexity of Membership and Counting in Height-Deterministic Pushdown Automata211–235
Toufik Mansour, Augustine O. Munagi:
Enumeration of Gap-Bounded Set Partitions237–245
Keijo Ruohonen:
Equivalence of Set- and Bag-Valued Orbits247–253
Aleksi Saarela:
Ultimately Constant Abelian Complexity of Infinite Words255–258
Zhixi Wang, Feixiang Liang, Yong He, Di Yang:
Semiring Structures of Some Classes of Hypercodes259–272
Dietmar Wätjen:
Multi-Limited Simple Eco-Grammar Systems with Prescribed Teams273–296