VOLUME 12 2007 NUMBERS 1–2

Special Issues with Selected and Extended Papers of the 7th Workshop on Descriptional Complexity of Formal Systems (DCFS 2005)

Giovanni Pighizzini, Detlef Wotschke:
Franziska Biegler:
Synchronization Functions of Synchronized Context-Free Grammars and Languages7–24
Henning Bordihn, Henning Fernau:
The Degree of Parallelism25–47
Henning Bordihn, Bettina Sunckel:
On Active Symbols in CD Grammar Systems49–67
Cezar Câmpeanu, Nicolae Santean, Sheng Yu:
A Family of NFAs Free of State Reductions69–78
Michael Domaratzki, Alexander Okhotin, Jeffrey Shallit:
Enumeration of Context-Free Languages and Related Structures79–95
Berke Durak:
Two-Way Finite Automata with a Write-Once Track97–115
Henning Fernau, Rudolf Freund, Marion Oswald, Klaus Reinhardt:
Refining the Nonterminal Complexity of Graph-Controlled, Programmed, and Matrix Grammars117–138
Viliam Geffert:
State Hierarchy for One-Way Finite Automata139–145
Gregor Gramlich, Ralf Herrmann:
Learning Unary Automata147–165
Miguel A. Gutiérrez-Naranjo, Mario J. Pérez-Jiménez, Agustín Riscos-Núñez:
Multi-Dimensional Descriptional Complexity of P Systems167–179
Yo-Sub Han, Gerhard Trippen, Derick Wood:
Simple-Regular Expressions and Languages181–194
Markus Holzer, Martin Kutrib, Jens Reimann:
Non-Recursive Trade-Offs for Deterministic Restarting Automata195–213
Christos A. Kapoutsis:
Deterministic Moles Cannot Solve Liveness215–235
Miklós Krész:
Graph Decomposition and Descriptional Complexity of Soliton Automata237–263
Andreas Malcher:
On Recursive and Non-Recursive Trade-Offs Between Finite-Turn Pushdown Automata265–277
Libor Polák:
Remarks on Multiple Entry Deterministic Finite Automata279–288
Bettina Sunckel:
On the Descriptional Complexity of CD Grammar Systems of Finite Index289–306
György Vaszil:
Non-Returning PC Grammar Systems Generate any Recursively Enumerable Language with Eight Context-Free Components307–315
Sergey Verlan:
On Minimal Context-Free Insertion-Deletion Systems317–328