Special Issue with Papers on Topics of the Workshop on Weighted Automata: Theory and Applications (WATA 2002)

Manfred Droste, Heiko Vogler:
Cyril Allauzen, Mehryar Mohri:
Efficient Algorithms for Testing the Twins Property117–144
Stephen L. Bloom, Zoltán Ésik:
An Extension Theorem with an Application to Formal Tree Series145–185
Peter Buchholz, Peter Kemper:
Weak Bisimulation for (max/+) Automata and Related Models187–218
Zoltán Ésik, Werner Kuich:
Formal Tree Series219–285
Bakhadyr Khoussainov, Sasha Rubin:
Automatic Structures: Overview and Future Directions287–301
Carlos Martín-Vide, Victor Mitrana, Ralf Stiebe:
Weighted Grammars and Automata with Threshold Interpretation303–318
Jan J. M. M. Rutten:
Coinductive Counting with Weighted Automata319–352
Ludwig Staiger:
Weighted Finite Automata and Metrics in Cantor Space353–360
Eugene W. Stark:
On Behaviour Equivalence for Probabilistic I/O Automata and its Relationship to Probabilistic Bisimulation361–395